Internships are as close to a Willie Wonka golden ticket as you can get when it comes to preparation for the workforce. Not only are 70% of interns offered full-time work after their internship but, on average, graduates with internship experience earn more with annual salaries $2,082 higher than graduates without internship experience.

As such, I was interested to see some of the recent data on internships (CompareCamp and SmallBizGenius) and I pulled out a few items that stuck out to me. …

Corning Museum of Glass Image- LBJ photo

This advice is for students, although it certainly could apply to everyone. It comes from years of hiring hundreds of people for various jobs and, more specifically, from my experience connecting students to paid project work over the past two months. The one simple skill/habit essential for every student in the world of work relates to a very basic communication skill, known practically as “following-up.” I’m not talking about some sophisticated version of interpersonal, public speaking, or small group communication skills. …

Death Valley- Leah Jewell

Where is a good marketing manager when you need one? I kept asking myself this question as higher education institutions were pushing to open up campuses this fall. All of the focus was on Covid protocols to allow for an in-person experience — wear a face mask on campus at all times; no face-to-face classes over 50 students; classroom seating 6 feet apart; single dorm rooms; and pre-packaged boxed meals. The push for on-campus classes has been well-documented and is primarily driven by finances. I kept waiting for the story connecting a re-imagined and improved online experience to a new…

Leah Jewell

Passionate @ connecting students, employers, schools to increase access to learning, skills, and jobs for a diverse, equitable economic recovery.

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